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Powder coat

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Seems like someone once told me of a place over in Nampa that did powder coating for a good price. I am thinking of having some aluminum wheels done. Does anyone know of a good place by Boise?
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I don't know of anybody over there that does it, but my powder coater over here will do non-clear coated wheels for $35 a wheel any color. Had a set of slot mags done in gloss black a while back and they turned out bitchin' :thumb: 208-528-7357 ask for Randy, tell him Steve from cbi offroad sent you :mrgreen:
Thanks for the info. I will keep that in mind. I also found out that there is a place right in Middleton where I live that is suppose to do good work and is very reasonably priced. I'll call today to find out his prices.
There is a place in Roswell that does it for a good price. Wong's is the name of the shop. 25 miles or so from Middleton.
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