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Post your rides

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Post pics of your trucks here so we can see em.

79 Chevy K10, 355, th350, np205, 10/12 blt (soon to be 10/14 blt), 33s

81 K30, 454, sm465, np205, D60, 14 blt, 4.56s, 33s

75 IH Scout II, 345, t18, D20, D44s, 31s
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Heres one of mine.

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Hey Matt. Nice pic. Who let the fat kid in the pic though :lol: I also like how you can see Jimmy's truck all flexed out in the background...
Eric took all of those pics. I wish I had a camera as nice as his! :eek:

here is my rig:
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Nice trucks. 8) I especially like the pics with the snow, not something you see everyday. Atleast not down here in W. Texas.
hell yeah those pics are sweet as hell. hey brant did you talk to that guy about making a bumper like matt's for my truck? It's cold as hell here!!!
Charga 71, you silly fo. You forgot to post your rig so I'll do it for ya. :finger:
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heres my rig. pre rollover. :thumb:

and after :( :x

oh well at least it was fun.
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Glad your okay. Now time for a chopped top. :twisted:
yup and a cage. and a SOA, shackle reversal, 5 points, beard ultra seats, atlas 2, and some other little things, like a 383 stroker.

Figured I'ld join y'all... :thumb:

And my wife's 80 W/T Laredo...

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Nice trucks. What kind of tires do you have on yours?
RB in the House, Nice Todd gald to see ya over here. Now we need pics of your rig with the one tons flexing. :thumb:
Nice Rig there RiverBeast..... And nice Shackle flip kit you build. I helped Paul put his on and I have to say that it is a very professional kit. :thumb:
Thanks for the compliments guys....


As for tires....

River Beast is running Parnelli Jones Dirt Grip Radial 38x15.50x15's... soon to be 36x14.50x16's when I roll my ONE TON junk under my FSJ...

River Beauty is runnin' 33x12.50 MT/R's on stock steelies with a 4" Skyjacker suspension system.

Paul and Mr TRD

ONE TON junk is 50% done (D60 is in w/ high steer)... gotta fab the W/T rear flares in before I extend the wheelbase and roll the 14FF under it.... WOOOHOOOO!!!!!

Mr. TRD.... thanks for the cudos on the kit.... :thumb:
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paul, I never have enough time to make a sig on this board but thanks anyway. Riverbeast, your jeep is bad ass. too bad I didn't get to see it when I was in Cali.
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