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Plan on Narrowing my front end

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I just got back from the BADLANDS and those trails aren't realy made for fullsize rigs. I got my front end wedged between two trees, so now I plan on narrowing the front, and putting an exo cage on it. I need some good pictures of how people did there fenders, and what the did to there core support.
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I know I have some posts here and on CK5 about what I have done including pics. I messed up mine a few times. I think BOWTIE did a cleaner job.

Are you going to keep the headlight?

No I will probaly get ride of the headlights. I was just wondering how you got the fenders to angle in, did you use spacers or something of the sort.
I skinned out the fender except for the fron bolt holes and the door jamb and the lower one in the back of the fender. I cut off the top mount as its in the way. You also have to cut out part of the firwall to get the fenders to taper in without lifting out on the back.

On the front mounts, You can cut the part out that bolts to the fender, Cut out whatever amount you dont want and then bolt the fender mount back onto the radiator support further in. ITs kinda hard to explain and its one of those things that you figure it out as you go.

I have seen others actually bend the fenders themselfs to taper them in. That is one way.

i did pretty much what sandman described..
here's some pics page 5 is where the tapered pics are.. i don't have any of detailed pics of what you need to cut to make everything fit, but like sandman said you kinda figure it all out as you go..
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