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Pics of my narrowed front and rear.

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And the project goes on. :thumb:

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WOW, that is one of the sweetest jobs I have ever seen.
That kicks ass, how long did it take you, and what all do you have to cut out to do that. What size of lift do you have on your blazer in that picture, it looks tall.
DAMN! I am going to have to get going on mine that looks sweet! :thumb:
It took me forever. The rear was much easier than the front. The front took some time. I spent a few months with a few hours here and there and then leaving it for a week and then getting back to it type of stuff. I still have to wire up the fans and mount the hood pins and some other stuff. I most likely wont get to that stuff untill the rollcage and bumpers are on it.

I am running a 6" suspension lift with a 1" body lift. I wouldnt mind dropping the lift down to 4". This is with 39.5" Swampers.

Nice Matt. Looks like it gained a few years too. So what year is that Blazer now...Let's see, we got the front facia year, the motor year, that axle year, and the actual body year, what is left of it.....
Lets see, Body and Frame is an '82. Front end is a '91. Motor is '74 and the front axle is '84. Don't know about the rest. :mrgreen:

Looks good man...
cha-chinga schwing!
nice dude!
i'm impressed with your fab skillz!
they teach you all that in prison too? :finger: :finger: :finger:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

P.S.: Nice BUCKET seat! :thumb: :finger:
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