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I am thinking about having a party this Sat. Nov. 20th here at our house!!
Let me know if you are interested!!

Thx!! :thumb:
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sounds good to me :)
If thers enough interest, then I will have one, Need to know who wnts to come by Thusday, so I can plan it asap!

what time? I need to head out for twin falls around 3:30
Im there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shane :finger:

heres the after math from the party at my house last weekend :mrgreen:

I'll bring the beer bong :twisted:
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the idaho 4wd assosciation is havign a planning meeting that night, I would like to come though. If not, maybe next time.
The time will be in the evening after 7 pm!! I need to know who is comming, Mike Your a given!! You better be here!!

sO, pOST UP!!
77fixer said:
She said party, not brunch, Dave :finger:
Not to change the subject, but Amber do you guys have a store front yet? I have been coming over to Boise quite a bit lately and was wondering if you had a store front to come and check out next time I am up there???

We Do!!

4338 Chinden Blvd.
Boise / Gardern City,

We haven't opened the DOORS as of yet, but are VERY close!! Let me know when your in town next ahead of time, and I will let you know our schedule!!

Also, come to the party!! I know theres that 4wd assoc. meeting, but after is good too!!
I will be there :deal:
Would love to come and party, but I am not going to be the only one coming over. We are car pooling and the wife is not really in the party mood. She is due in 3-4 weeks and hope it comes sooner than that!!!! And since the little one is so close I am not sure when the next I will be over there will be, but I will let you know.... So have one for me, or a 12, either works :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer:
NOO, Totally bring her, I would love to meet her, I probably won't be drinking either, I have to maintain as the hostess and take care of our babies as well.. I have a full on Scrapbooking room with a play room for the kids!! My daughter 9 yr. old will be here too... We have xbox, game cube, toys etc..

Please bring her!! Let me know!!
twistedjack said:
I will be there :deal:
Kevin, Sweet!! See ya here!!
i plan to stop by after work, for a minute at least, :beer: :beer:

Congrats to the new baby(soon), i am gonna have #2 in February
Wouldn't mind coming over to meet all of you, if I come over I will probably have a friend with me if that's okay??? Won't be able to stay long, but would like to do a meet and greet...

If that's cool, let me know, and if there is anything I can bring, directions to the party, etc. Thanks!!

Sweet!! No problem on the friend!! Just bring what you want to drink I guess.. I will post the address and such on Friday afternoon!
See ya then!
Damn, I will be riding with Mr_trd to the 4wd assoc. meeting. I will be up in Boise over thanksgiving though.... You guys going to be in the shop the friday after turkey day?
I am not sure!! I will be posting our store hours and such as that gets closer, but we can arrange to be there if you want to swing by!!
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