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Here's my new Power Ram we bought for $2700. It has 7-9" of lift on 38 Super Swampers, engine is a 318, and it has a stereo system that blows womens clothes off!!!!
It did loose a front wheel at 60mph on the way home but we lived :drive:

Picture 288.jpg

I do have a few questions for you Dodge Experts, this is my first 4x4 and I'm concened about the front alignment, the tires are noticably toe out and when I back up they straiten up. Front end is a Dana 44. I'm going to check the bearings and ball joints this weekend but besides that, there is no adjustment to toe out/in is there?

Second question, what do you serious offroaders use for wheel studs? After my highway incident I don't trust the factory studs but the tech at Summit told my the aftermarket studs were no stronger than the factory studs????

Is there anyway to get the transfer case to shift easier into 4wd? I was stuck in 4 low driving around the neighborhood and when I went to drive it again it went right into 2 high with no effort.

Thanks Bryan
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