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Sigsync Office 365 Email signature software helps to create and to have full control over organization’s email signatures so that all employees will have a professional email signature, which is centrally managed. The secure web-based email signature manages email signatures of all users in their organization, sending email across any device. This will efficiently raise their company’s brand and stay complaint with company-wide email signatures to maintain professionalism.
With Sigsync Office 365 Email signature service you can
· Design signature for all employees a brand, professional email signature for every email sent from any device
· Centrally manage all users’ signatures through web-based, centralized dashboard without any desktop installations
· Create your signature using Sigsync Office 365 email signature generator with various predefined templates
· Add profile images directly in your email signatures to give a personal touch
· Assign all the signature management to your marketing team by making them admin using the “Make Admin” feature
· Create professional HTML signatures without any technical background through signature generator
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