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Thanks to Dons flatty my wife wants me to build her one, so I've been on the look out and have actually found a few for a steal of a deal, prob is none of them have a title. So am I screwed as far as ever getting one so it can be registered or is there a way to get one, like a lost title claim or something.
If not I guess she'll just have to make it a trail only rig.

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I have done this a few times.....

1) Get the Vin off of the vehicle
2) Have the DMV do a search for the last owner.
4) If no owner of record go to step 7.
5) Mail certified, with return receipt to last known address asking for sale of the vehicle or title. Either you get contact and you go from there or..
6) You get a return reciept from post office saying no person at this address or something like that.
7) Take the paper work from either DMV or your returned envelope from post office and contact State Police to find your local State Vehicle Title inspector.
8) Contact local State Police Inspector and tell home your story and what paperwork you have.
9) State Police Inspector will rip your ass for buying a vehicle with no title and then issue you a "Clouded" or a "Bonded" title. Whatever they call it.
10) A Clouded title means that for the next three years, you cannot sell the vehicle to a non resident of the state and origiannal owner can claim vehicle but they must pay you for any upgrades and repairs and purchase price of the vehicle. The clouded title expired after three years and it becomes a full title.

I have done this on four different vehicles and it does work fine. :deal:

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