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No more trucks, I keep telling myself...

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But I just cant pass up this deal. I'm going to be trading a 76(?) Scout for an AC system. It's practically free for me, the AC is used one that we replaced this summer. The drivetrain is all there, 345, TF727, D20. The body is shot except the hood and driver's 1/4 panel, both of wich may go on my 75. I'm just gonna finish stripping it and wheel the crap out of it. Gonna go see if I can get it to run this afternoon. :mrgreen:

This'll make 6, not including the parts trucks. :rotfl:
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lol... you are as bad as I am!!!!
1- 1974 Blazer... sorta runs, leaks ALOT of oil
1- 1989 Blazer.... don't know if it runs or not... haven't got to it yet
1- 1969 J3000 pickup... currently no motor
1- 1955 CJ5.... motor toast, gonna make a rockbuggy out of it
1- 1973 Chevy pickup 1/2 ton... runs ok, needs carb work
1- 1974 W300 Dodge with a dump bed, needs new pinion bearing
1- 1979 Toyota 2wd... my daily driver, but needs carb rebuilt...BAD
lol..... :thumb:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Gosh - I feel like such a lightweight...

1 - 97 C3500 Daily driver - runs great, looks great
1 - 78 Jeep Cherokee - looks like crap but runs great
1 - 72 Jeep Commando - Looks like crap - blown motor - replacement motor ready to drop in
1 - 77 GMC Jimmy - blown hub (but ya'll knew that!)

Maybe I need to get busier, huh?.... :mrgreen:
I got it running, rough, but running. Transmission goes into gear, gotta get some tires and wheels to really test it out.

Here's my list:
75 Scout
77 Scout
76 Scout (parts)
79 K10
79 K5
81 K30
78 C20 crewcab (parts)
03 S10 4wd
63 VW (dune buggy project)

Rest of my familiy's stuff:
49 Jeep Truck
03 Sierra
95 K2500
85 C20
77 K10
82 K10
65 Mustang
93 C1500
99 Z71 (going soon)

And I wonder why it's getting hard to find a parking place. :rotfl:
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lol... I got my stuff scattered between 3 different households, so that no one truly knows what all I have.. makes for a more pleasant home environment that way! :deal:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I had to tone down my collection. Running out of parking space! :mrgreen:

Got a few pics of it friday night. Should have some coming soon with it actually looking like a truck. :grin:
Imma gonna hijack yer post for a sec here......
Hey guys, I finally got my round, puffed out DJ grill for my CJ, now I'm on a search for a 72-86 CJ hood... If anyone has one that they would part with, please let me know!!! :deal: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
How about a green '93 plymouth voyager van without a title? I have one now. :?

does it run? wassamatta wit it?
:deal: :deal:
Runs fine. Missing back window and no title. A/C even works.

whatchu want for it?
is the title obtainable at all??
Long story on the title but does not look like we can get it without laying out some cash. The titled owner did give me the Van but there is a lean on the title from a title loan company in Salt Lake that he has told to come and get the van but he has not heard from them in many months.

Maybe we could do a trade if you are interested. The tranny was recently rebuilt even. I was think of finding another one with a bad drivetrain and making a good van out of it all.

Yes, story on the title but does not look like we can get it without laying out some cash seems very long to me too. Perhaps. Let's get back to that later.
You will never get at title for it as soon as it is applied for the title loan place will try to screw you trust me I have had experiance with this. The title company said the guy who was trying to title it had stolen it, they can make a valid claim for that. Sound ridiculous but an aquatiance of mine had to go to court over it. He never got the title Unless you can get the title to another van and retitle it as the other van which is questionable anyway. Or pay off the title loan then they will give you the title. :rotfl: :rotfl:
I was thinking that, or just part it out and trade the parts for real truck parts... something like that... :firedevi:
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