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Newbie question followup.

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Hello again.

After reading thru the responses. It seems the k5 may be my best bet.
To review my wants:
1. tow pop up
2. will be driven under 5k a yr
3. dont want to spend a lot
4. want to mod over time
5. fuel economy would be nice but not critical
6. like of off road but would probably be on mtn bike more often
7. Need to transport at least 4-5 people and big dogs.

Was gettin an alignment on my 4runner this morning, while waiting I was reading thru the stack of 4x4 mags.

There was an article on a diesel 6.2l engine. Believe the years were 87-91? They made what seemed a good argument in the fuel economy and low revving torque ie: comporable power to 350 with economy of a 4 popper.

It seems they are rare. But I would assume that everything else would be the same as a gas k5 ie: suspension etc.

any input?

p.s. does the k5 lend well to an overkill type roof rack?
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I think the diesel would be a good choice. You will easily double your mileage over a gas engine. I know a few people that have the 6.2 and they get close to 20 miles per gallon.

I used to have a roof rack on the stock top. I had everything from 36" tires and jacks up there to loaded with firewood. They are a steel reinforced fiberglass thing.

isthere a down side to the diesel?

Reall appreciate all the input.

It is amazing how many fullsize k5's etc I have started seeing now that I'm looking.

I guess the smell and the noise might be something to think about. Maybe you could test drive one and see if it would matter.

those diesels have a problem with the head gaskets, but if you have to replace one, just get a premium one, and you should be alright.... your torque will be amazing, and with one of those you can gear the rear higher, like 3.55's and get great highway mileage, yet still have the power in your low end...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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