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Just did a search for my website online to see if it is showing on search engines and found this site! I guess Allan from MountainExplorers mentioned me here as a photographer from one of his events.

So I made a screen name and logged on to do a post for two reasons...
A) to promote my personal 4X4 site:
B) to get people to beg for Allan to continue doing his "Mud Days" in Ione, WA. He has been plagued with poor attendence due to his awkward location. That's not fair because him and I just went to Northport last weekend and it is further out in the middle of nowhere than his location is and it had a good turn out!

Allan is getting a bad reputation of having too difficult of mud pits. Now is that wacked or what??? Isn't mud bogging ALL ABOUT DIFFICULTY???

My only whine about it is they WERE too watery... needed to be chewed up some so they would be gooey and muddy. That water played hell on my carb!

So, search this Planet 4X4 site for Allan and MountainExplorers and beg him to do his races again in Ione, WA!!! His screen name here is mountainexplorer.
(and check out my site too while you are at it! WARNING- it's a free site so there are a lot of Pop-ups there, but I have a lot of pages, pictures and funny stuff there. I am currently not bored with it so I am frequently updating things there. It's not a dead space in Cyberspace yet!)
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