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new statistics

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I like the new stats!
also, I like the thing you added that allows us to see who has visited the site today... that's cool! :thumb:
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I've got a grocery list of stuff that I still plan on doing. Glad you like them. :thumb:


sweet! can't wait to see them!
are you just adding some of the mods on the phpBB site?
Basicaly yes,

Theres Smarters site and phpbb and phpbbhacks.

There are dozens of others around also. The tricks sometimes is getting the mods to all work together.

The new version of this board is due out this year and then I will most likely have to redo the whole site. Not looking forward to that one. :?


why redo it? be like all those win98 users still out there, lol... just keep it!
I'll most likely keep it for a while but the updates are ussually to fix security holes. the new version also had a lot of the mods built in.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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