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New pic on the front page contest.

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Its time to replace the pic on the main page at the top. If you've got a good wheeling pic post it here (Upload into the gallery or something). It doesnt have to be short as I can cut it down and work on it. After a few weeks I'll hold a poll. If it works out, I might do it every month.

So start showing those pics! :thumb:

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Time to go scan some pics I guess my best ones are on film. :rotfl: :rotfl:
You mean I really have to take it off road to get the pics..... you suck Matt, I thought you weren't going to hold it against me that I was just a poser...... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
how bout this one
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I might have to move the Planet 4x4 logo up to the top and put pics like this where the logo is now. I would hate to have to chop them down to fit.

Looking good! Thanks Guys. :thumb:

Ok, I changed how the front page is setup. What I'm going to do is now and then, I am going to rotate the pic there. I wont do the same truck twice so in a week or two, I will put MuddinMikes up next and just go from there with the next posted pic or whatever I come up with.

Hows that?

Looks cool!
you wont do the same truck twice in a row or twice ever? Cuz mine got a new paint job with flames and a different front bumper then whats on the truck in the pic so it doesnt look anything like the same truck :mrgreen:
Just not twice in a row. :mrgreen:

well sense no one else is posting up here are some more :thumb:

and then there is this one where im pushing they chevy out with the little yellow stick :mrgreen:

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mike if you're going to post the first one you need to post up the aftermath as well :thumb:
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for those of you that cant tell the front axle is shoved back about a foot............... :banghead:
so is this still going on :finger:

how about putting some of these in rotation :thumb:
few more pics

hello flex :goodfinge

and I was hoping to hook the rock slider on top of that rock from the last picture and pivot around but as you can see it didn't work that way :banghead:

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I allways thought this was a cool shot of my truck in an icy bog

the real blown up pic not this smallone is amazing you can see the snow coming down and stuff ...
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