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Well we just received a shipment of the new Rock Equipment shocks:D

These things are way cool!

Shocks can be used as a Coilover or a Air shock. They come prevalved with oil too. For coil over use just pump up the shock to 50psi and add your springs to it :smokin: These can also be used as an air assisted coil over that has a super light wieght spring, get the best of both worlds.

The shaft on these are 1.25" 7075 Ceramic Coated shaft that has the hardness of 80 Rockwell.

The lower mount on the shock is a 5/8 x 1/2" Heim joint (no more breaking the aluminum ones!)

When used as a coil over the lower coil cap is captive by the Heim on the shaft.

External reserviors available too.

Air shocks


Top of shock

Shock as a coil over

Coil Keeper
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