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What came in the 1982 GMC High Sierra pickups with the 6.2 liter diesel engine. I was thinking it may be the Th-400/ np-205 setup. Anyone know?
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How do I know that you were really "thinking"?
I just got an 84 chevy army truck, and it has the 6.2 TH400/208 in it....
not to mention the D60/14b axles.....
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Depends on if its the 1 ton or the 3/4 ton. It could be the 208 or the 205......

WILL it be the slip yoke type?
The 208 will be the slip yoke. I believe the 205 will be also but not 100% sure. I thought the older 205 were fixed yoke and the 80's or so and up 205's slip version. Swapping the 205 to a fixed yoke is easy stuff though.

The GM 208 cannot be swapped to a fixed yoke. There are rumers that you can use parts off of a Dodge 208 (fixed yoke) to convert a GM version but the cases are different and it does not work.

You can swap in a 241 directly in place of the 208 and you can put a fixed yoke on it.

Are you buying another truck?

Found a parts truck for sale real cheap. Just looking for info before I go and check it out.
If you want, I can go with you. I know a few things about Chevy's. :mrgreen:

I would be puting the chevy tail shaft in my AMC th-400 and then bolting the adapeter and t-case to it. Thanks for the info though.
Sandman said:
If you want, I can go with you. I know a few things about Chevy's. :mrgreen:
Cool, I will let you know.
I really doubt that it would have a 205 unless it was a 1 ton, my brother-in-law has a 84 half ton with the 6.2 and it has a 700r4 with a 208.
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