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need help with my Nissan Pathfinder

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ok i have a 97 nissan pathfinder. i want to get a little 3-4 inch lift and either 33's or 35's and what kinda of tires are best off road. now im only going off road in sand and everynow and then and maybe in mud but very little. but i cant find any lifts for my truck or anything. im new and i was just looking so if u can help me out id appreciate it. thanks a lot
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I haven't seen a lift for the pathfinders since the first came out back in the day. Maybe someone else can help ya there. As far as tires it is hard to beat the overall performance of the MTR.
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You might have to get a 3" body lift and then crank up the torsion bars a little to get 33" tires under there. Youy might even have to stay on a 31" tire if you do not want to trim fenders. Go with a narrow rim and you might be ok. I used to run a set of BFG All terrains and I loved them. They were a really good all around tire.

You could get a 3" suspension lift for the older body version but I dont know about the new one.

Hey, is it still the Hardbody version? Superlift has one for the harbody version still.

Try that link and you might get lucky!

Check out Calmini I don't know if they do anything for older stuff but they might be able to steer you in the right direction. I think the MTR or a Swamper TRUXS I have a freind with the TRUXS and he loves them :rotfl: :rotfl:
thanks. if anyone knows anytign else id appreciate it thansk
Go with the MT/R's. I have had two different sets. One set 33's and the 35's I have now. I love them, they are really good tires in all conditions and they are getting great mileage.... :thumb:
use a body lift cheap to build i can run 33 under mine no problem all you need is i(i used rodeo body washers and pipe that fits the washers) weld them up you will need to find longer body bolts and there you go cheep better than the hard plastic and you can run the bigger tires you might need to trim the finders my finders were already cut by the guy that owned it before me
'97 Pathfinder should be a unibody. A few companies make SubFrame Drops, or Automotive Customizers offers a 2" lift.
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