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Narrowed front end progress *pics*

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Drivers side is getting real close. Hopefully it will look better when both sides are done and the hood is back on. I was going to make it narrower but the fender was giving me some trouble. That is about as tight as I can make it with the headlights and the fender not looking too bad. About 10" per side when I'm done. I also skinned everything out to lose some weight.

The passenger side might be tougher as the heating stuff is all there. I might dump it all and go with a universal setup on the inside firewall.

I'll get better pics when its done and on the tires. I also plan to do some serious cutting on the fenders.

The grill didnt turn out as nice as I had hoped but oh well.

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Looks cool Matt just do the other side and forget the rest we will just find a hole your front end will fit in and just drive it through it that will narrow the rest of the body :banghead: :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol... looks cool! lopsided is IN, dincha know? lol... Seriously, it does look pretty good. I like Eric's Idea tho...sure would save alot of time!
BTW, you oughtta be shot for butchering a 91 grill like that when there are soooo many needy blazers out there! including one of mine in newdale!
looking good Matt. I have my jeep sitting on the one tons now. I have new inner axle shafts and fatory4wd's 35 spline outer kit to throw in and of course the gears and lockers. Looks like we will be having fun in MOAB. Did I mention Brant is there right now. :banghead: :firedevi:
He is? That jerk. :thumb:

We really need to go wheeling together sometime. :deal:

I am going to have to drive to Pocatello to check that out! :deal:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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