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My truck was vandalized, BY MY OWN DAD> WTF. (pics too)

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well here is what I came home to sunday night after working all weekend trying to earn a little doh for some stuff for the bronco.

I guess he thought it looked like fun to bash my windshield in with a sledge hammer according to my mom wich was also pissed. So now I need some new glass and vacume a bunch of glass out of my seat, floor and dash...

So the story behind this is I have a dirt bike that I haven't fired up for a year or so and it was a nice day saturday so I thought I would see if the ol girl would fire up, after a few minuites it did and I took it for a few laps around the yard see pic

well where I stabed second gear in a few places it tore up the grass a bit, not that bad in my oppinion I think it will all look like normal in two weeks or less.

but anyway Im just venting and needless to say Im looking for a new place to live.........

okay imagestation blows so I made a superford account and maybee they will work........
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you can have the windshield out of the bronco if you can get it out.
its not cracked?
i'll need to double check, I can't remember. But it's not as cracked as yours. Call me sometime tomorrow after 3 or i'll talk to you at the meeting
edit: Well i checked and yes it is cracked.
Dude? :scared: That blows!!! I agree, a new place seems like a good idea... Let us know if we can help.
I'd be for callin the cops for that shit... There's a big difference between unintentional damage and willful vandalism...Better yet, when ya leave, sugar his gas tank, or even meaner, put some sand in the valve cover.....

Must have been a bad day for the ol man eh? I'm with AJ, the grass will grow back... but damn, yer window is gone :/ I'd do one better to get back at the ol m0f0, make a couple more passes around the yard on your bike :evil:

he'll reallllly love you! Good luck on gettin a window put in the beast
Sounds pretty imature of your old man. Hope it works out. :roll:

You can stick images here into the Photo album and then link to them if you want.

Care if I link to them from other site's?
My god man! That is a bunch of B.S.!!! The most mature thing your dad could have done is made you buy some sod or something to replace the little mark. I cannot imagine something that immature!!
muddinmike said:
Care if I link to them from other site's?
Depends on how the other sites are set up. Some work, some dont.

why not put some dirt or sand over the bike's rut marks?

that way it will be even when it does over grow again.

maybe dad sees this and forks out the $$$$ for your glass.

let me get this straight, dad sees the tire ruts and without a word said breaks your windshield :?
yep thats how it went down, pretty :gay: huh
sorry dude. he is your Dad, so try and mend the fence.

i hate seeing Dads and sons fight :(
What happened to it? How many own twisted sense of reality finger do you have?
haha ken's talking to a bot.

You must be pretty lonely there at your shop ken. :finger:
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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