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My other ride.

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it's a 1940 chevy coupe that I'm redoing, or should say still doing, I'm redoing alot of it over again.
specs were:
camaro front clip, camaro 10 bolt rear with camaro leafs
355 th400

but this time I'm gonna go with a homebrew 427 same th400 and a disc brake 12 bolt. Mustang II front and air bags. I'll also be suiciding the doors and ditching the vent windows.
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I'm redoing my '71 Super Sport. I should get it done in 20 years or so. :roll:

Thats the rear end I'm using. Thats why I was asking about the coils. I need to know what angles the bars set at. and length of bars since I'm building my own arms.
I have both cars in storage right now and I dont plan on getting the '68 out for a month or two.

I have rounded up some stock arms for the rear end.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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