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My new tires

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Well I ordered these and they should be here Friday. :firedevi: I ordered the 39.5x13.50x16 wtih Black Rockcrawler wheels. :twisted: :twisted: I can't wait to get them out and see what they can do.
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Cool, how much did they set you back?
$1700 mounted balanced and shipped to my door.
Nice! 8)

blt2krl said:
$1700 mounted balanced and shipped to my door.
Wow, thats more than I paid for my truck. :rotfl:
:finger: Dude they are bigger than your truck. :mrgreen:
You'll have to post pics when you can. :thumb:

will do. :firedevi:
WOW!!! My PJ's were $1755 without rims!!! :D

My 36" TSL Radials are now on... hehehe
I'm glad your impressed, River Beast. I am so glad you find this amusing, River Beast.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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