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My lil helpers gettin' it on my D60

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I gotta a lot done this long weekend....with the help of my two oldest boys, Tony and Tim (12 yr old twins). They love wrenchin's with the 'old man'!!!
I did the Kingpin rebuild as they watched and they wanted to reassemble the D60.... sooo I kicked back and let them do it.. ALL OF IT!!!

hahaha.... they struggled with the rotor/hub and the caliper... so I had to help a bit...

they had a BLAST... look

NOT A WORD ABOUT THE 'DONUT 245's' :rotfl: they will be off for good by Friday and my TSL 36's will be sitting on my 16x10 Eagles.... oh and the dust will be washed away :thumb:
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Why do you have to do it? That sounds like a plan. Who does "they" refer to? "it" being thumb? Let's say 99%. I'm glad you thought it was funnyOh. Why? What did they do with it?
:thumb: :firedevi:
:thumb: Now thats what I call raising your kids right :rotfl: :rotfl:
lol... I am telling my 4 year old daughter that when she is old enough to drive, we will build her a hotrod for her first car... she'll be the coolest gal in school! a chick that can wrench with the best of em!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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