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Mud Drags

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Finally got regestered on here. You folks over in the Blackfoot area, I understand that there will NOT be a mud race at the Snake River Speedway this year. Have any of you heard anything??

Also, I've gotten a prelimenary schedule for the Mountain Home races, although nothing is listed on the White Knuckle Racing web site yet. THe folks who ran the Mountain Home races said the Chamber of commerce in Payette wants to have sand drags at the Clay Peak facility over in Payette this year. Anyone else know of any races? :mrgreen:
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Welcome to the board! :thumb:

I havent heard anything about Snake River this year but I could find out as I know the guy. I went to some of his races and was not too impressed. He built a good track but the timing setup was bad and he did it as cheaply as you possible could and cut corners. In fact, the track was excelent. Having somebody standing halfway down the track with a stopwatch was lame.

I raced everything I could over here for two years before I burned out of it. Oli Anderson is having a race and Monster Truck deal real soon here in Blackfoot. but he only takes like 10 or 12 local people and you have to sign up early in person at the fairgrounds every year.

The races in Soda Springs are pretty good but they are biased to local people. I have some story's there. Soda's class rules are pretty tight and with my modified body, I would be running against some real heavy hitters. They do use real timing and do reverse rotation though, which is nice.

I talked a lot to Richard Staten at Snake River. We raced there last year in the Pro Mud class. I asked him a month or so ago about this year and he said he doubted they would have one because of the construction on the roundy track. Just thought I would ask you guys. As for Soda, we have raced there a few times but haven't been able to make it over in a couple of years. I know exactly what you are saying about their "local rules" being slanted to the locals, but they do put on a good race.
The "Monster Truck" shows over here are useless for the local folks. Not worth me running my rig at them.
In years past there have been races around Jerome, etc. but we have gotten off the mailing lists.
The track they built in Mount Home is turning out REALLY nice. They still need to figure out some organizational issues but it's the best show in town.
hey bad dawg hae you ever went out and played at blacks creek? I would love to see what that rig would do in the "real world". If you ever want to go play out there and do some testing on your rig lemme know. If it falls flat on its face while tuning it or what ever I have the equipment to get you out now.

Mike, We have never been out there. I might be interested in going sometime to test things but I go through 1 to 2 gallons of C-14 racing fuel on each pass. It cost between $7.50 and $9.50 a gallon now.

How do I set up my personal gallery like others have on here?
bah just stop by maverick and pick up some premium for 2.00 a gal. :rotfl:

As far as the pics go I dunno haven't tried it yet.
:rotfl: Right. :rotfl: Think it might smoke a little?

As far as Snake River Speedway race goes it is not going to happen this year and every different person you talk to will tell you a different reason. Locally I don't think there will be much to talk about except for Soda Springs. Their rules are stupid. The mud bog in Montana I went to last year was excellent good track pretty fair rules. They only run one track but its mosty classed by tire size and if you have forced induction or not I will post it as soon as I know when it is. I know some local guys who are trying to get some stuff together this year. I will post as soon as I know anything. I told him I would help set stuff up and things. Other than those I don't know of anything local (Idaho Falls area) :rotfl: :rotfl:
Well, I guess you guys will have to come over to Mountain Home to check it out. It's two wide lanes, lighted, sprinklers down between the lanes, 150" run "speed" pit (18" to 24"), christmas tree starting lights, etc. The rules are a combination of a lot of different places but they aren't just based on tire size (which means that a Toy pickup with 36" tires doesn't have to run a big block Chevy with 36" tires). :roll:
Is it only a guess? That's good information: Bad Dawg said I guys will have to come over to Mountain Home to check it out.
How do I set up my personal gallery like others have on here?
Just go into the Photo Album link and click where it says "Your Personal Gallery" There is a button to upload pics from your computer. There is a size limit on the pic size but its not too bad.

Sandman, thanks, but it looks like it's only one picture at a time. How about the "personal gallery"?

:roll: I just reread my other post where I said the mud lanes were 150" :roll: They really are more than 150 INCHES. Sorry. :mrgreen:
I think the limit on the "Personal" one is 25 pics or maybe its 50. I cant remember. Only you can load into the Personal one. You can load more into the other ones but they are more a general pool area for pics. You have to load them one at a time.

I thought you guys just had a short track. :mrgreen:

I thought you guys just had a short track.

:mrgreen: Yea, but it's 18 to 20 feet, not inches, deep. :mrgreen:
Sounds fun, in Montana my 38" tired stock motored blazer was running agianst some mighty mean sounding big blocks with 44s but I had fun. Post when the races are up there I might try to make it up. I know I have some freinds that would go. :rotfl: :rotfl:
18" to 24"? the ones I went to were more like 4" to 8". Of course I never went back for that reason. If I wanted to drag race I would do it at firebird. And you only get 2 passes per raceday. No eliminations, only on times.

Kinda :gay: in my opinion

Maybee it has got better sense I was out there though I dunno.
I used to run the Mud Bog over in Starkey for a few years. We tried running it everyway we could think of to make it a good race for both the racers and the spectators. We tried double elimination until the number of rigs got so big that it took two days to get through them all. We had deep pits which ended up being a few seconds of movement followed by 5 to 10 minutes of watching a tractor pull the stuck rig out - :sleep: Most serious races I've been to let us have two passes and we either had a combined time or best time to determine the winners. I prefer double elimination because we get more passes if we are winning, if you don't win you only get two passes. With a "speed" pit most folks can make it through, it's just a matter of how long it takes. With the built in sprinklers the track at Mount Home stays much more consistant between groomings. Anyone who has put on a race knows how hard it is to keep a track groomed and the lanes as equal as possible.
At the Mountain Home track there are the "Big Boys" that show up from all over the country in the blown open class as well as the completely stock rigs with everything inbetween. A lot like Soda Springs but with side by side races. The preliminary dates I got (could change) are:

Mud Drags
June 5th
July 10,24
August 14th
Sept. 11th

They are working on a
Top Truck Challenge
June 19 & 20

Mike is right, we have raced together in dry pits and REALLY wet ones (like Baker, Oregon which drowned out most folks ignitions and carbs). It takes practice and experiance to get it right.
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yeah baker straight up sucked!

HMMMMM more info on this top truck thing? :mrgreen:
Nope. All I got was these dates. I guess the local club over there is running it this year and hard dates haven't been posted yet on the White Knuckle website. I'm trying to get an email address to somebody in the club to contact directly. Any one on here belong to the Mount Home Club??

I contacted the Baker track and they said they quit. Lost too much money. Duh! :roll: They asked us racers what could help make it better and all and they just ignored our suggestions. Too bad.

I have a feeling you might really like the tough truck thing Mike.
What does the Tough Truck involve, do you know?

This sounds interesting. :deal:

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