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Did you move? Whats the latest?

Solid front axle?

Catch us up! :deal: :mrgreen:

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ya, e :deal: :deal: nquiring minds want to know!!!
I got nothing... had to put a new clutch in the truck... smoked it in MOAB when I was down there in October. Friggin sucked, only got to run about 200 yards of trail before I took it out. And I got to put new snow tires and wheels on the wifes new car..... I have no clue what will happen next to my truck.... in all actuallity, probably nothing....If anyone out there knows of a good job that has a good starting wage and that you really don't have to work much and it is really more playing than working, hook me up.... you know a dream job.... Thanks
Send me a resume. :deal:

lol... you pullin a Michael Jackson again there Matt?
I don't think he swings that way... :deal: :deal:
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

AMI is hiring. :deal:

Really, what part is hiring... hell I could walk to work...... Let me make one up for ya, still don't have one made up....
Plant facilities is hiring I believe one position for an end of the week day job. Its a good job to be in.

Spin your resume to mechanics, electricity, hydraulics, anything you can. :deal:

ahhhh o.k. So I worked in the oilfield-laborer, worked at a car stereo shop-electronics, and work in manufactoring now... I will see what I can spin up... thanks
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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