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More Progress

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Well, So far I've gotten done....

- Changed the torque converter
- Fixed up the crossover steering
- Rewired under the dash and under the hood
- Raised up the seat
- Wired up an electric fan
- Wired up the KC lights
- Redid the exaust
- Hosed out the interior
- Ripped the carpet out of the back
- Increased the tension on the kingpins
- Set up one door for easy remove

Still have to do....

- Finish up the fuel injection swap (80% done)
- Redo the rear suspension
- Remount the rocksliders
- Set the other door up for easy remove
- Raise up the gastank.

I might get it all done for Moab. :mrgreen:

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Sweet Matt, all I have left is the ignition stuff, and exhaust turn down. :mrgreen:
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