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more progress

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benn a while since I posted.... busting my rump getting things done on RB...

sneekpeek... finally finished the bodywork and got some paint slapped on it for $500... not bad... the donuts had to go on to fit in the paint booth :finger:

its not done yet... still have a bit more to do..

twinsticked 205 going in soon with new shafts.. again.... :scared:

ZR2 variable ratio steering box..old saginaw is shot beyond repair and the pressure doesnt hold which hangs up my hydroboost unit...

and other junk yet to be done... it never ends....
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Good to hear from ya man the waggi is lookin good :rotfl: :rotfl:
thanks... all that detailing I did under the hood is SHOT with overspray :angryfir:

I still have the rhino lining and other odds and ends to do, but waiting a bit to cure the paint....

in the meantime... getting more parts to get my steering box/brake system operational again...
Looks really good man. You gonna have it done in time to meet us in Moab over labor day? I know that Matt, Paul, and I are going for sure.....

we will see... going to Ouray in July... so money may be tight... 4 kids ya know... :thumb:

here are a few pics taken by a friend of mine the other day...

Stock height FSJ vs RB on 36's :beer:
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That looks awesome with the wheels and tires :rotfl: :rotfl:
Looks really good with the 36's on there.... I remember when Paul and I went to buy his Waggy.... man how things have changed. If only the old owner could see it now!!!! :scared: :scared: :thumb: :thumb:

I here ya.....I remember Paul's way back when... they were both a little less to be desired... :rotfl:

Heres a pic from the day she came home.... bone stock in July 97 :scared: :scared:

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