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Memory Lane - What was your first 4x4?

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Not counting my parents rigs that I drove, My first rig was a '72 Landcruiser with a Chev 350 back in High School. I wish I still had it sometimes. Sniffle.

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my first actuall 4x4 was an 88 toyota pickup riding on 33s. i had the torsion bars cranked and a 2" block in the rear. that thing would go anywhere.

of coarse "anywhere" back then was pretty much anything bearly enough to lock the front hubs.. :thumb:
92 Ford F-150 and I still have it. :thumb:
mine was a 82 ford bronco that I had for 6 months til someone ran me into a telephone pole and totaled it. :angryfir: :banghead:

Mine was a 1961 or 1962 (hazy memory from too much cannabis at that time) Scout II that was made before they made seatbelts mandatory... I bought it from a guy in West Yellowstone when I lived there, and about 2 weeks later, decided to go on a road trip... headed out and went to Denver. Halfway there, the clutch toasted on me! I drove that thing all summer that way from about Laramie to Sweetwater Texas while working for a carnival company.. Got to sweetwater, quit the carnival and bummed it for a couple of weeks. A cop pulled me over for expired plates and no license, good thing he was a scout fan.. I ended up talking him into letting me off by selling him the scout for $300.. poor guy.. the title of that thing was lost about 4 owners back.. he knew it.. wonder if he ever go tthe title for it?
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My first 4x4 I owned was a 92 Samurai but my first wheeling experince came in a who knows what year rust bucket scout II :rotfl: :rotfl:
Samurais still Kick Ass :twisted: :rotfl:

sammies do have one thing going for them....they make good traction helpers for FSJ's! :finger: :rotfl: :deal:
I liked the Sammy I used to have. It was like having a four wheeler with a heater. Sometimes I wish I could have kept it.

Oh boy me thinks that AJ needs some educatin those FSJ guys I dont know about them :finger: :rotfl: :rotfl:

educate me?!?! go on... I dare ya... I double dare ya... I double-dog-dare ya! :razz: :finger: :finger:
'86 Ford Bronco II, so go suck on that one!!!! :finger: ohhh and ya it had the super powerfull V6... fuel injected V6 that is :thumb:
Technically my first 4x4 was my dad's jeep. He gave it to me for a while to drive to school, but I gave it back to him after I decided I didnt have enough time for all the work it needed.

My first 4x4, that I actually own, is my 75 Scout. I still have it and wish I had the time to get it running again. Right now I've got so many projects going it's not even funny.
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