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Didnt Snap to many pics just some after's

Went to the Faith Wheeler's (Religious) group here in Wa that throughs a mud bog for FREE and me and some of my local full size guys wend down and played in it .. Lets see My Buddy Pos ford.. Not pictured here Cracked his rim on a stump in the bog ... I blew up my clutch .. And KC the grey chevy blew up his front spider gears but it was all in a good hard play day!! :thumb: I will post a stupid video clip i made with this new software i got last week under the mud section too incase you wana see it

(correction) i do have a pic of pos ford and his buddy the dirty sanchez ... you will see why he is called the dirty sanchez...

some bog action

busted bus

Kc's rig allready hosed off his rims

Like i said i got some video from this event too its not long and its my first try with this software but gives an idea what the event was like .[/img]
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