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WWOR Meeting 5/11/06

6.59pm Meeting called to order

1st Item The Sand wash area clean up was a success! 5.3 tons of trash and 3 tons of metal were picked up and everyone had a good time. We have also built a partnership with the local ATV club for future clean ups and events. Thank you to all the club members who put in extra effort, this is what makes this club so great with everyone coming together for a good cause.

2nd Item WWOR does have a private forum on Planet. If you need help accessing it, please PM Chris.

3rd Item Sunday May 21st Rob will be leading us on a run around Danskin Mountain to Long Tom Reservoir. Please meet at Pilot @9:00. This is stock capable, but plan on getting some brush scratches. If you would rather ride than drive I am sure if you post up someone will have an open seat.

4th Item Jen Carmichael, a representative of the Idaho 4x4 Association, handed out information of the structure and purpose of the Association. If anyone has questions please direct them to her.
5th Item Dave Carmichael mentioned maybe doing a care package for Lehi who is now in Iraq. Once he finds out what he needs, we will post them up.
6th Item May 5th was Darrel’s going away run. For those that didn’t make it out, this was a wonderful day of wheeling. We started on Hemingway Butte, then some attempted Meat Grinder and finally Gate Keeper. We wish Darrell and family the best of luck in Washington.

7th Item June is Membership month and we will also be making revisions to the Bylaws. If you have any questions about the packages please contact me.
8th Item July is our Tech inspection month. We will checking your vehicles for the required items as stated in the club bylaws. The exact date is not set, but as with last year, we may do it on the night of our meeting. Also for July, Dave is organizing a joint run for out at the reservoir with HDO and possibly Idaho Off Road.
9th Item Trevor brought up the question about the Mud Drags. As of now there is no racing season in Mtn Home or Glenns Ferry. On a happy note there will be one in Weiser and it sounds like they are planning on making it better.
10th Item Chuck would like to do a self guided turkey poker run in Nov. This would be a HDO Club Run it would be open to all with an entry fee and 100% pay back. More info to come later
11th Item Search and Rescue has postponed attending our meeting till Nov.
12th Item Jen Carmichael has designed a new look for our home page there is a link on our private forum to preview and it tell us what you think.
13th Item BLM will be holding a Meeting in Glenns Ferry May 23 @5:00 regarding the Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Jarbidge members should attempt to attend and show support.
14th Item Please check the Land Issue on planet they are in need of letters regarding the Payette National Forest.

Next Meeting June 13th

**On a side note, a club member went to SilverCity last weekend and the road is passable. We will probably do a two day run up there in June, followed by another two day run in July to Big Smoky.**
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