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May 8th trail run

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Mike Herron
When and Where:
Saturday, May 8th, 2004
Meet at Dan's Ferry Service at 9:00am - we will pull out at 9:30am sharp so be prompt.
Carnage Canyon (Lower and Upper) and Meat Grinder

Carnage Canyon (Lower): In a mildly equipped vehicle, this trail is a fun challenge. Three obstacle sections with the second and third offering different lines.

Carnage Canyon (Upper): A bunch of BIG ROCKS and lot's of challenging terrain. If you are rock hungry and set up well enough, you'll love this section.

Meat Grinder: More BIG ROCKS ! ! ! This trail has a bypass at most of the obstacles.
There is a by-pass that will bring you in from the top of either of these trails if you don't want to run these section, you can park up top, come down and watch the action.


All Members, Prospects, Visitors and Guests are expected and required to read, understand and obey all of the High Desert Off-Road By-Laws. As with all High Desert Off-Road trail events, the minimum equipment requirements must be met as outlined in the By-Laws. Vehicles lacking required equipment may be allowed to make the run at the discretion of the Trail Boss and Safety Officer. Vehicles that have not been through the tech inspection, will need to be inspected prior to the run. We had our Annual Tech. Inspection on Saturday the 1st of May and it was a rather small turn-out. If you didn't make the Tech. Inspection, please show up early so your rig can be inspected.

We are having visitors from out of town for this run. These folks are traveling a long way to run with us and we want to welcome them and show them all a good time. After the run we are all going to Kevin's house for a BBQ. If you'd like more details on that, contact Kevin.
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twistedjack said:
Meet at Dan's Ferry Service at 9:00am
for us newbies where is this at?

I got fried at the meeting saturday so I'll have plenty of water, sunscreen and aloe with me,LMAO
take highway 45 out of nampa towards melba and stay on it till you hit the river, the gas station is on the left side of the road before you go over the river. We will be in the dirt next to the station you cant miss us. And if you don't know where highway 45 is just head south on 12th ave in nampa and it turns into highway 45.

Last time we ran this it was hot as, well, hell :mrgreen: and we all looked like lobster's the next day too :banghead:

See ya there,
We will be on CB channel 5 and will have our pre-run meeting at this location.
Will I be able to park my daily driver where we meet with a cherry one owner willy's door in the bed??

and will the trip be coming out the same way we go in?

IE.. if i go will my family ever see me again??? LMAO
I plan on trailoring my rig out there so I would suspect that would be OK.

55 willy. We come back on the same road as we go out on but we dont have to double back on the trail. hope that answers your question.
And as far as someone stealing your door (if thats what your asking) I wouldn't worry about some one taking it but just to be safe you might leave it at home

Sand man yes there is room for your trailer and the trailhead.
but sandman has my door,LOL
Willy's Door

I'd go ahead and bring the door. I may have to use it like a ramp to get up some of them nasty rocks! :twisted: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Re: Willy's Door

DougK20 said:
I'd go ahead and bring the door. I may have to use it like a ramp to get up some of them nasty rocks! :twisted: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Bwahahahahaha :mrgreen: :rotfl: :mrgreen:
Re: Willy's Door

DougK20 said:
I'd go ahead and bring the door. I may have to use it like a ramp to get up some of them nasty rocks! :twisted: :rotfl: :rotfl:
might as well it'll match my old one,LOL.
I just got a call from Eric's wife and they are not going to make it out.

I plan on leaving here in an hour or so.

I didnt get everything done, but, oh well. :thumb:

that sucks!

Oh well, Im glad you can still make it.

Drive safe, see you in a few hours.
just for S&G's what time we planning on being complete on this deployment?
well I hope around 5:00 maybee sooner maybee later. Depends how much stuff we break
good thATS WHAT I WAS THINKING. errr i mean thats what i was thinking.

damn cap lock.
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