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so whats the plan guys? the weathers starting to look pretty good, time to get out again
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The plan for me is get my dana 60 in up front and then Im gonna be a little mud whore for the next few months while its good! :thumb:

So you can all expect those phone calls at 4:00 in the morning saying im stuck up to the headlights again, come help me out :twisted:
Well now I have some REAL tires to yank your ass out! :finger:
yer an ass yanker? :scared: :gay: :scared: :gay:

:finger: :finger:
:rotfl: :rotfl:
twistedjack said:
Well now I have some REAL tires to yank your ass out! :finger:
Yank MY? Ass out. You just worry about yourself there pardner. :thumb:

So is aprils club run gonna be a mudding day at blacks? I would be up for that! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

then May is carnage canyon. Where I can get my vengance on those nasty rocks :angryfir:

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This carnage canyon sounds like fun. We come up there now and then to visit friends. Maybe I can swing a wheeling trip out of it too.

Well come up and put wheeling on your calendar for may 8 or 15. NOt sure yet. If your serious we can get the exact saturday for you PDQ most likely
I think I might be able to make it for that too. I have got some freinds around there I haven't seen for a while. :rotfl: :rotfl:
Its worth coming up. the trail is fun as hell and most of us are much better equiped than last time we went through there. 40's, winchs, 1 Ton axle's you know the good stuff. So it should be a real blast
You need to come on over we want to run it once during the day and then flip on the rock lights and run it at night. :thumb:

O yeah one more thing,
Mike call Clint next time :finger: :rotfl: :rotfl:
DOH! :banghead:

So were you wanting to do the night run in may? I hadn't planned it but if I get the 60 done I should be able to swing it twice in 1 day. We can run carnage in the morning, have a small lunch, Go check out meat grinder in the p.m. Have a big ol BBQ for dinner, then go back and run carnage again at night. I dunno, think that would be too much crawlin for 1 Day?

I'll talk to the wife. :deal:

Buddy of mine half owns the Boise Clutch and Brake, I think its called, on Fairview. He lives in Meridian so it might work out.

No such thing as too much crawling in one day :rotfl: :rotfl:
The night run I am talking about won't be a club sponsored event so we can do it anytime that Tim is in town. :thumb: Plus if out of town people are coming we should run carnage and try out meat grinder as well, to make it worth there time.
well allrighty its awn then for may. :finger: Carnage and meat grinder, I havent ran meat grinder but I've seen the first part of it attempted by a jeep............ Looks like a real kick in the ass! And I think I'll get to use the ol winch a few times too :thumb: :thumb:
Looks like the wife is up for it. :thumb:

I would have to do it on the 8th or the 22nd. We have plans on the 15th.

This might cause me to get my junk back on the road. :?

Okay lets call it the 8th then. Sense Im the trail boss this time around i get to make the executive decision right :evil:

I guess i had better get my junk fixed and then go pre run meat grinder right :rotfl: :rotfl: :thumb:
Cool! I will plan for it. :thumb:

Well damn, I guess there's no need for a meeting in April. We already got a trail and a trailboss. I guess I'll have to look hard at that mini-spool and another 1.5 inch lift. My junk WILL be ready for this!!!!!!!!
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