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Marble Canyon Carnage Pixs

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Ah...missing a few teeth...looks like the girls in the bars in Canyon County :scared: !


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Man that sucks! Do they make a crawler gearset (4:1 or something) for what ever t-case that is. I was suprised to see your flat fender at the top of the canyon and that was with what - 35s? Your rig was nimble and definatly capable. Are you running a v-6 or something? The wall did it in for sure - man was that thing knarly. Curious to see how my rig will do with 130" if I can even get up that far - wont be for a few months though. Well, hope to see your rig together and on the trail soon. :thumb:

Oh yea, to that Canyon County comment - :finger: you must visit those bars a bit. whistle
Atlas time :thumb:

Dana 18's arent known for strength......And it cost alot to make them strong!
I just saw that new orion case too, by aa, direct bolt in for the D18 - nice pics
Flattie at the waterfall

Thanks for the comments...and to Shane...i KNOW that you want me toget a divorce by bringing up that ATLAS comment again! :)

Yep...that WAS a 1947 Dana 18 case and gears. Sucker had just been apart to get the inter-lock pin out and the case checked out OK....It had been rebuilt not that long ago.

I am running an early 70's waggy rear...factory 5 lug and 30 spline axles...the dif is offset just enough that I can run either an 18 or 20 type case...300 would work too...or ATLAS...Shane! :)

The engine is a rebuilt 225 odd-fire Buick V6. HEI...4bbl Holley centered floatbowl carb.

As to the tires...just some hand me down 35 inch SSR's...did ya notice the 'chunking" that they are of the "bad" traits fo those tires...

Had a blast getting to the waterfall...thanks all for the help in spotting...Peter, Shane, Ken Nixon, Bill, and Justin for winching my front end up from under the rock...I know that there were more but i forget right now.

Great to be back on the rocks...been about a year and that was only the jeeps 2nd run after it got the new stretchd frame and SOA. Thanks to Foothill and Ken Phillips for all that work...glad to know that this thing works....even though is is only 86 inches WB

As to the Atlas...I've been looking...and then looking to my bank account...time will tell...Need to sell the M-715 to finace this one...oh yeah...and the 77 K20.

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Jim, another option for you is for us to put a divorced toyota case in there....
depending on your tranny, we can get an adapter to bolt on of those up in there.....or make it a divorced case.

They are a very strong case, and we have 4.7:1 gears in stock for cheap :thumb:
Only prob is that the drive line is short now...the wheelbase here is about 86 inches...think cj5...
Nice pics Jim. Feels good to get to the top of that trail even if it is on the end of a strap. Fact is, you made it to the top and have officially gone where only a few have dared to go before. I must say, the trail this time was especially heinous. I think that early morning fog made things a little slippery or something I dunno. Hope there will be more pics to follow as I didn't bring a camera.
Jim what tranny do you have in there??

We may be able to come up with a less expensive way to do this! :thumb:
Looks sorta familiar

Last Saturday, in reverse in 4HI, in some snow. The gears are O'briens 4.86:1.
damn......that is bout as good as mine...only prob here is that your gears are NEW.....what the heck happenend there? 4 hi and reverse and snow...something must have been a miss.....

Yeah I agree. I probably only have 500 miles on the gears. I had Obrien build the case so it's not something I dorked up during a rebuild. I was running a dana 20 with the same adapter plate behind the T18 for 20k miles before I went to the dana 18 and obrien gears so that rules out something wrong there. Proper oil and level in the case. I'm at a loss for what caused it to fail.
the case i blew up was an 18...

I can run either case in my rock crawler, I have a cv shaft in rear and the rear off set of the diff is inbetween a 20 and the driveline is at an angle with either one.

mind me asking what the cost of the case and Obrien gears was? and was it the 4.7's or ??

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