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MAD PROPS to Nate Dawg..a.k.a. Heavy Hitter

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Thanks again brutha for coming over and helping me slam the 60 back together..Couldnt ask to have met a better cat. :thumb: .Samiches allday saturday brutha.My cooler is gonna look like a deli.. :thumb: :scared: :finger:
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WILL WORK FOR FOOD :finger: Hey it was no prob. Glad it went together easy AND held up to the cuttin brake-slam that front around-testing. :thumb: Your chopper cruisin pops is a cool guy too. :thumb:
BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA,I'll let him read your post..THAT'LL make his day..hahahahahahaa..thanks again for the help :thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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