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lost trail, june ?

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I'll get more info soon hopefully, but here is the breakdown.

The trail starts between dans ferry service and the motocross track. it ends right around carnage canyon. Depending on how many vehicles show and who tries what plan on at least 3-4 hours on the trail.

Minimum requirements are 31" tires and functional 4 wheel drive. There are bypasses for all the obstacles and plenty of room to take pictures of those who don't take the bypasses.

Bring plenty of water as this has the potential to be a very long trail.
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This will be held on the 19th on June............more info to follow.
I plan to participate in this run - need someone to sponsor me so that I can come along.
It was cool to meet some of the guys at the meeting
according to mister gps, the trail itself is about 8 miles long. Since it take me about an hour to get there we'll meet up at dans ferry service around 9 and try and head out around 9:30.
Gripguru, come on down, i'm sure we can find somebody :mrgreen:
I will be there in the sammi if I am in town since I found a rear toy 4.10 diff bought it had the spool in and installed it in 2 hrs then went out at 11pm to big foot bar road sat night for a test run and didnt get home till 4 AM this morning had lots of fun conquered a few hills etc. I couldnt make in the blue zuk without breaking it so as is right now I am up and running assuming I will be sponsored...... :thumb:
gripguru said:
got any more details...
what kind of details were you looking for?
If I've read everything correctly, we are meeting 9am at Dan's Ferry.

Dan's Ferry Service
1984 Highway 45 South
Melba, ID 83641
(208) 495-2507

Use if needed.

Note: My uncle from Burley is trailering over two CJ's this weekend. I have invited them to join us as guests on our run this Saturday. Some of you already met him in Moab this spring. If any are opposed to this, please let me know.
Thanks for the address, that is what I needed. Sorry for the redundancy. Anyone leaving from Meridian that would be interested in a convoy? I can handle mapquest, but that just isnt as fun.
meet me in mountain home and you can follow me down :mrgreen: See you on saturday
if anybody wants to do a prerun saturday afternoon let me know. A place to crash afterwards would be nice, it's a bit of a drive from mtn home. 371-0839, let me know if there is any interest, otherwise, see y'all saturday at dans ferry service
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