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Looking for Rock Sliders.

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I have an 86 k5, and I was wondering what all companies make rock sliders (and there website).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts The website isnt much, but he does great work.
If you want some serious protection try . Talk to Steve :beer: make weld in rocker panel sliders that work great. Some of my friends have copied the design and it works very good. They cost around 200.00 I think.
Are you thinking about a weld on or a bolt on?

Weld on, but I need them asap. I would make some but with price of steel the way it is, it's easier and cheaper to buy some.
I bought the material for mine for around 100 or so.............
I live in Ohio, that's one of the biggest problems Im having.
ohio. What do you need rock sliders for then :mrgreen:
Because the Badlands are only 4 hours away and we go there alot.
CBI OffRoad Fab hooked me up real good. Mine are weld on and hold up very well.

There is a link to his site on the main page. :thumb:

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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