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Local guys I need HELP

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Hey all I wrecked my car tonight oh yes the evil snow I need some help I have got to get my blazer and my zuk running. Blazer is down with tranny problems also started to do some disassebly for paint. Zuk I can do on my own its parts are light. I am probably going to need some help getting my garage to where I can work in it and all things with the blazer oh yes this is a cry for help there will be pizza for all who come tonight. I need help bigtime I currently own three vehicles one runs but is wrecked. Yes I am begging Please help. Don't come if the roads are bad though I don't want anyone suffering my fate :( :(
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I plan on being up there Saturday if the road conditions permit it. I can help out for a few hours if you still need it.

Let me know.

I probably will I think I screwed up my back a little bit can't lift anything give me a call sometime
I would be glad to help if you were in my area... 8)
I swung by his house today but he wasnt home. :?

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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