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Lets talk about weight

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I think one of the biggest and easyiest mods that can be done to a 4x4 is to put it on a diet. I have seen some stock and light rigs do some very impressive things simply because they were light. There is a point of diminishing returns though that becomes a factor. Such as, removing the body and then hauling your kids around. I am going to spend the summer taking off more weight off of my rig ounce by ounce and see what I can get down too.

Any thoughts?

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ive never been concerened about the weight of my rig.(maybee thats why it sucks :? )

If I was I would have built a toyota with a small block chevy in it.

I build things with the strength in mind and not about how much it weighs. If i start having problems, cause its too heavy I'll build a stronger motor :thumb:
If I was I would have built a toyota with a small block chevy in it.
I agree with that theory. Some obstacles are easier with less weight, some are not. Same argument as the wheelbase issue.
As with everything there are differnet levels and different focuses.

I would have gone with a Toy or similar also but its much easier and cheaper to build a fullsize for strenght. I dont think he have to resign our fate to being heavy but can at least do a few things about it.

Maybe look at it this way, You have to walk up a steep hill. You can carry 100 pounds with you and struggle with it. You can go work out, get stonger and then carry that weight up the hill easier but you might still slip and scramble some so do it and its harder on you back and feet. Or you can drop the weight.

I just think its a cheap way to gain some performance.

My truck carries 50 gallons of fuel. How much does 50 gallons of fuel weigh? Should I run trails with less fuel or start gutting it out a pound or two at a time. Same argument about spare parts. Axle shafts, starters, altenators, etc. must add up to alot of weight.

Don't get me wrong, I do believe lighter is better. I have spent alot of money on this theory for my mountain bikes, motorcycles, atv's, and other toys and I say, "go for it". The only weight I'm concerned about right now is being held up by my belt!
I think that to a certain point lighter is better. On my last wheelin trip a lot of the jeeps were slipping their tires while I was just crawling right up. I think part of it had to do with my truck being a little bit heavier.

However, I dont think you could really get your blazer too light without really loosing a bunch of the truck. Especially since you have a BB, roll cage, one tons, big tires, etc. That stuff adds up pretty quick.
Gasoline weighs around 6 pounds per gallon depending on grade.

So... 6x50 is 300 pounds!

You could leave one tank dry on a wheeling trip and lose 150 pounds real easy. Depending on the trip.

I think you hit a point where it doesnt make sense to further lighten it up. Spare parts and tools are another big thing. I try to take as little spare parts as I can as I have the car trailor and that lets you get away with it.

I think your truck only carries about 40 gallons of fuel after last weekend doug :mrgreen:
I think your truck only carries about 40 gallons of fuel after last weekend
Roger that! :thumb: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
I agree. I didnt skin out the rear of mine for that exact reason. I need to find some scales and find out where I'm at.

I started a thread on CK5 that has turned out pretty well:

I am Fat and Heavy

Not all of it is Blazer related.

There is a scale that I can use for free around here. Its just a pain to pull it out of the garage, put on the tires, load it up, unload for scales, etc...

Next run I go to, I'll take the time to weigh the front and the rear and see where I'm at.

should have stopped at the truck scales on your way out of town a few weeks ago. Its 6 bucks I think :mrgreen: And it would have told you front and rear weights
Put one of those slow moving vehicle signs on the back and tell the cops it is a reaaaal fast tractor and your going to go plow with it!
It sounds like a good idea to me :rotfl: :rotfl:
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