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OK this was my first truck, and its had a ruff go. the truck is a a 1983 k-30 I received it as a gift as a freshman in high school with a bad motor. now its had three 454 two paint jobs two lifts and one full interior. the latest 454 was out of a 1986 k-30 with about 75,000 miles its been in my truck for 6 mounts and it runs better then both other rebuilt motors! the Danna 60's are going under my wagon sorry. hears a list of parts and some prices if the any thing else like body, seats, ext your interested in make me a offer.

1986 454 fan to fly wheel --$900.00 obo
extra 1983 intake --$75.00
extra 1983 heads --$150.00

the 454 is steel in the truck and can be heard, I'm in pocatello ID. for more info or to make me an offer email me at [email protected]
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