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Just checkin in,coming back to the area

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Finally got outta the Navy yesterday after 8 yrs,an heading back home.Home is BFE on hwy78.Feels damn good getting out of this duty station here in Alabama.Anywhoooo,just thought i post up an say whats up.
Looking forward to meeting an greeting and doing some riding with ya'll.
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Sounds like you have a hell of a rig!

Pics pics pics...... :finger:

Welcome back!

Well Thank You for your service, but Welcome back! Sounds like you got a pretty built rig, lets hit the trails :thumb: or just get together and watch some vids, b.s., and :beer: :beer: :beer:
boy I don't know how you guys do it,......I'd be green the whole time at sea :( , I get sick just standing next to fishing boats tied up at the warf!!!!! I'm sure glad you guys can handle it :thumb:
Welp just pulled into town about 6 hrs ago.DEFIENTLY one trip I dont want to make again..let me try an tally up the total.This is heading from Foley,Alabama to damn near murphy,where my pops lives.Left wednesday at 0700 got on my dads property at 1630ish today,friday..

1.$1,087.89 in gas(2 2000 dodge 4x4,that my best friend flew up an drove home for me,an me in the blazer)
2.average speed of 57mph.fasted top speed,68mph,hitting 3100 rpm thru utah.And YES,it was a fawking LONG LONG SLOOOOOOOOW trip across!
3.left on a set of at least 85% tread on the 39's.Reduced all 4 to trail spares

TOOOOOOOOOOO flippin tired to post up pics,but if you want to check out my albumn name is erict151.there a few OLD pics of it in there in front of my old barracks room.or better yet,swing on by,an we can go out an wheel the property,or right next door at reynolds creeck

defiently need to hook up,wheel,watch crawling dvds,bonfire,grill, a pretty nasty collection of crawler dvd's
Better yet,there are SOOOOOOO many obstacles here on my dads property that have never had a tire on em YET.Last time I was home was 1.3 years ago,and I was with out a capable rig to even attempt some of am re-scouting tomorrow morn/afternoon if anyone wants to come out..WOuldnt mind having a few folk out to break em in!!just let me know..actually got some friends coming over 2marra eve to grill,chill,watch crawler dvd's,celebrate being back in town,an drink a few cold beers,so there'll be plenty to do.I dont have anything goin on til April/may time frame,so any day you want to coem out thats cool ,or we can run reyonlds creeck,or what ever..okay..been up for the last 20 hours cant think straight after 2 days of driving 19 hours a day,then todays worth of driving,minds going ever which direction.. :finger:
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77fixer said:
Hey, was thinking about going to Robie Creek mudding tomorrow, but if it's still foggy like this, maybe we should get together. Myself and at least one other person are looking for something to do (if he gets his shaft fixed tonight :roll: )
You can reach me @ 468-5771 until 10 tonight or between 7 & 8 am tomorrow. Then I will head home and check the site again.

Sorry I didnt get ahold of ya Brett!!Ended up heading to Emmet sunday to a desert cross race,and havent been around a computer til this morn..
Did ya'll go out an ride?
Let me know,if ya'll want o roll out here.I aint got nothing going on til May..So my toughest descion everyday is weither to get outta bed before noon,which gun to go pack around in the owyhees,and or should I beat on the blazer.. :finger:
MUAHAHHAHAHA,it wont be that relaxed for long,just taking an extended vacation until I have to head to school in May.Replied to your PM.. :finger:
Hey Rock Punk, I think I almost have a long bed version of your k5. White full size chevy with black prerunner bumper sittin of 39.5 TSL. Yours looks cleaner, newer, with a few more mods. I'd like to check out your rig and hit some of those rocks you're talkin about. What are you doing this Sat. the 20th. I'd be up for Carnage/Meatgrinder or whatever, let me know or if anybody else feels up to taking on some of the more challenging rocks, post up or maybe start a new post.
You dont happen to live outside of Kuna do you?Like if your coming out of Kuna,heading towards Meridian on the left hand side of the road??White long box,with black cut out fender flares?

Wont be able to pull this saturday.I pit/mechanic for my best friend,and his two brothers at desertcross races,and this weekend is the final race of the season.So I will be tied up with them from friday afternoon til sunday night.If you have time off during the week,or I reckon the weekend after turkey day wouldnt be bad to get together.We can meet up here ,an head out.Live within spitting distance of Carnage Canyon..
Let me know brutha when you want to meet up,an beat on our junk!!!!!DEFINETLY looking forward to putting my junk in Carnage Canyon/Meat grinder,especially after I ordered me an early xmas present today :thumb:
Anywhoooo..anytime you want to head out,let me know... :finger:
No, I live in south Nampa, but I do know what truck you're talkin about, drove by it today in fact. I'm 15-20 min from you, I'm down the street fom Walmart.

Ive been workin sun up to sun down building houses, so im a weekend warrior. Nice thing about the shorter days means more shop time as long as I give a little time to my girl (she's been waiting on me an hour since Im on here)
if she gets mad and leaves send her my way :finger:
Now that I think about it.That rig is sporting some 36's or some worn out 38's.And I dont think I have seen it move the last few times I bombed through there..sititng in the same spot as always
Okay,I know at least the general area your talking.especially the Walmart.Well shoot,guess it'll be the 26th then.Looking forward to checkin out your beater,and geting into some rocks with ya :finger:
hahaha an hour huh,welp get the frick offline and go handle that :finger:
So, you want my leftovers huh Mike? I might have some more leftover Chevy parts for you to pimp your Bronco with :thumb: :rotfl: :finger:
all I have is a chevy rear end

I shoulda went rockwell just so I didn't have to admit to putting chevy parts on my truck....................
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