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Jimmy" Jehovah Witness Player" what up FOO

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Jimmy you sucker, when you coming back to Poky? I hear the WY State troppers don't like yur rock lights :finger: Give me a ring when you get into town. :thumb:
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Hey man, I might be up there this weekend to get my sliders on. can't wait so I'll keep you guys posted. later. p.s. My locker should be in the mail!!!!
Sweet Jimmy, let us know man. :thumb:
Right On!!!!

Hey man, I got my locker in and it is bad ass!!! can't wait for moab. Going to get'r hard!!!!
Hey thats great man. Lockers are the shit. :twisted: :twisted: Brant told me the band did awesome. THat kicks ass..... :thumb: :thumb: :twisted: :twisted:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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