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itty bitty Jeep Owners, [email protected]@K!

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those of you that have the little jeeps, you may want to check this out..
here is what they sent me... read the website first..

Thanks for your request for more information
about "LONGLEAF SPRINGS". The price of a
complete kit for both ends of your '75 and older
Jeep is $690.00 + freight. You can also opt for ½
kit: the front end only is $345.00 + freight, the rear end only is $395.00 + freight.
The '76 thru '86 CJ kits are $850.00 + freight for
the complete kit or $425.00 + freight for the front end
only, or $475.00 + freight for the rear end only. At present we do not accept credit cards,
as we would have to pass on the additional cost
to our customers; so we request a postal
money order for the total cost of the kit and
freight and we will send the kit to you via UPS.
Just let us know your address and zip code and we
will call or e-mail you with the actual freight
charge to your door.

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I remember an article on those springs they are basically really long leaves for older Jeeps right if these are the springs I remember they drastically improved the Jeeps suspension Are you gonna get that CJ 5 :rotfl: :rotfl:
yuppers, as soon as the guy replies to my emails!!
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