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Going Postal
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Who else is going and what do you have to do to get ready? I have to:

- Mount the sliders better
- Finish up the new exhaust
- Dial in the crossover steering
- Install the new fuel injection
- Change out the stall converter
- Set the doors up for quick release
- Pull the carpet in the rear and put down mounting hooks for stuff
- Mount the seat a little higher
- Adjust the Kingpin tension on the Dana 60
- Raise the gas tank up.

I'm going to have a busy month. :mrgreen:

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Here is mine: :twisted:
1. Put on new carb and replace old gas and vacum lines
2. New ignition wires, plugs, and coil
3. Steering box brace
4. Fix tailgate weatherstripping so I can get the damn window up and down
5. Put new long travel shocks on
6. There is always more last minute stuff. :thumb:

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Well I still need to do quite a bit also:

-Buy and install more lift
-relocate bumpstops if not getting enough lift to clear the 35's
-buy and install manual hub conversion
-buy all possible spare parts for destruction of drivetrain with new 35's
-possible sell 35's and go back to 33's so I don't have to do everything else :twisted:

What ever ain't getting rid of the 35's :finger:
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