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is there a military surplus in pocatello?

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hey, i was wondering if there is a military surplus store/warehouse in pocatello. i swear i read or heard somewhere that there was but can't remember for sure. what i am looking for is some cheap 37s or something like they use on humvess and blazers.
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There isn't one in Poky but there is in IF big one too. I haven't seen any 37s in there but I go out there often so I will let you know if I see any. He did have some 14R 20s 52" tall for a 20" rim for 125 each that were more than half tread :rotfl:
Doesnt he have a website too?

Its huge. Right off of the freeway too. You cant miss it.

there is a small surplus store in Pocatello on 4th street by the college, but all they have is clothing.. IF is were all the big cool stuff is at..
Here they are!

Army Surplus

thats the one i had heard about, thanks guys
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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