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Integrated rollcage into the body

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After Upper HellDorado this year, Its time for some high body armor. I dont really like the idea of an exoskeleton and I dont want to cut the body off as I do other types of wheeling. I think the answer is to integrate the roll cage into the body. Like cut the fenders up and bend the tube to follow the body and then weld the body to the tube. Maybe even cut out the body bends and put tube in there as well. I've seen this done on a Landcruiser and it looked real good. Has anybody seen this or thoughts on it? Thanks.

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I think something along these lines:

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This is what I added. How are you going to tie into your fram and where. I see the tie ins at the bumpers but your going to need support in the middle. I don't think bolted on sliders will supply the needed bracing. What size tubing are you going to use? I would like too see other pics of rigs with this done. I don't think there would be enough tubing sticking out to provide that much protection. If you stick the tubing out enough to give added protection you basically have an exo cage then. The way you have it gives you zero protection in the cab. I doctored up your pic alittle. The top triangulation looks funny because of the angle of the pic. I think the way you have tubing ran looks killer in an Exo cage format. I'm biased though because I'm going to go the Exo cage route. This is all just my .02 cents :thumb:
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I agree with Paul. You need the most protection for yourself not the vehicle. And if you don't have the tubes sticking out at least a little ways then if you don't hit a rock directly on the tube then it does no good and still end up mashing a fender..... Just a few things to think about. I know that you would just go run out and have it done and I am sure that you would have thought about this later but I just had to agree with Paul and throw the thoughts out now. Personally, I love exo cages... I may be getting on built for my street queen after I get the front bumper built!!! :thumb: Ohh and as far as watching videos this weekend, I can't I too have to go to SLC, but I get to go down to work!!!
Looks like I am going to do a partial exo on the back with some fender armor on the front. I'll fool around with design for a while and see how it goes.

Have fun in SLC. :finger:

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