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independent suspension

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What is wrong with independent suspension (just front, or front and rear) when you only run in the mud? I think the extra ground clearance would help as long as all the parts were strong enough to hold up. Does anyone know of a good ifs/irs rig? How come noone does this?
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In just mud it might be OK if the parts can hold on to heavy abuse. Its just cheaper and easier to set up a vehicle for the mud. Its not an advantage in the rocks as the IFS does not have the leverage action that a solid axle has. Wlaker Evans ripped out his trick IFS in his rock buggy for strait axles and did better.

Pure strength but if I was going only mud then I would only have one tire size goal 44 or bigger (probably bigger with the new claws and Iroks) and big power. The components just aren't as strong when compared to a solid axle things like ring gear size axleshaft size when compared to CV joint diameter spline count etc. I all things were made commen I think IFS and IRS would be superior in mud becasue there is less dragging down but all things can't be made commen. IF you are just going to run 38s or smaller I say leave the IFS you will probably still break parts but heh its the price you pay. Also leaving the front unlocked will make it easier on your drivetrain parts. :rotfl: :rotfl:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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