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I am working on a 79 bronco that someone has swapped a 390 into it. When we first got it it ran like shit so we did the basic tune up, plugs, wire's, cap, rotor...........

Still ran like poo, So we did a points to electronic conversion, still runs bad,
Next was a timeing chain, still ran terible, so we pulled the can shaft, whattya know 4 flat lobes, a bent push rod, and a mushroomed out lifter.
So in went the new cam and lifter's and it runs like a champ now BUT the driver side bank valve train was starting to get NOISEY! so we pulled the cover off and let it idel and we aren't getting ANY oil up there??????? the other bank is, What gives, how do I fix this?

One guy says some of the cams had a groove or a notch to let the oil pass and maybee our new one didn't and it needs it. I don't know to much about how the oiling system works in motors so any help would be great!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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