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Im Back

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most of yall probably didnt notice I was gone but anyway.......... In the last few months I got a new job as the ass. manager ;) at u-haul, a new apartment, new computer and finally cable internet!

So anyway just thought I would say howdy :finger:
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So did the D60 turn out to be what you wanted or is it another one of those yeah I have four of those drive an hour there and they turn out to be D44's :rotfl:
Did ya work today? did ya see a white suburban with an auto transport.
it was my brother dropping it off......THE WILLY'S IS HERE!!!
yeah its a 60 but it's a dually with 3.54 gears :banghead: the search is still on...............

:thumb: nice on the willys, so that means we will see you on the trails next spring right?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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