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I had Pokémon whenever they were really here would be the Shiny Pokemon I would have With me inside a list.

Pikachu: the reason why I chose Pikachu for several reasons 1 I could carry my Pikachu on. My shoulder anytime I go somewhere 2 I prefer to not ever evolve it that's my reason I chose Pikachu as my electric Pokémon to obtain with me.

Marill the reason why I Buy Shiny Pokemon Marill given its tail doubles as an anchor which could wrap around items like trees and store shelves that's the reason I chose Marill as my third water Pokémon to possess with me.

Aipom: the reason why I chose Aipom is the fact Aipom is a helper monkey Pokémon Aipom could be very mischievous sometimes a but Aipom is wonderful Pokémon that's the reason I chose Aipom as Pokémon to get with me.
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