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Not to mention bumper height headlight height. I tell ya its a violation of our 1st amendment rights. My freedom of expression. Did he really say "Son" to you. I got out of a ticket one time because a cop called me boy it was a fender flare ticket too. :rotfl: :rotfl:

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Sorry this is a little long but here is the long and short of the Idaho law. (2) Bumpers, unless specifically exempt in subsection (1) of this
section, shall be at least four and one-half (4 1/2) inches in vertical height
centered on the vehicle's centerline by bolting or welding to the vehicle
frame as originally installed by the vehicle manufacturer. Bumpers shall be
horizontal load bearing and attach to the vehicle to effectively transfer
energy when impacted and shall extend in width to the originally manufactured
tread width for the vehicle.
Vehicle Class Maximum Height
Front Rear
Passenger Cars 22 inches 22 inches
Trucks and MPVs
4,500 or less lbs. GVWR 24 inches 26 inches
4,501 to 7,500 lbs. GVWR 27 inches 29 inches
7,501 to 10,000 lbs. GVWR 28 inches 30 inches
Four-wheel drive or dual wheel
with a 10,000 or less lbs. GVWR 30 inches 31 inches
(4) Vehicles which do not meet the requirements of this section on July
1, 1997, must be brought into compliance by July 1, 1998.
c) Behind all wheels of every motor vehicle other than trucks, buses,
semitrailers, or trailers, the fenders or covers shall extend in full
width from a point above and forward of the center of the tire over and to
the rear of the wheel to a point that is not more than twenty (20) inches
above the surface of the highway, unless the bumper is a factory built
bumper fastened directly to the frame of the vehicle pursuant to factory
installation requirements;
(d) Fenders or covers are not required on any modified American-made
pre-1935 vehicle, or any identifiable vintage or replica thereof that is
titled as a later assembled vehicle or replica and is used for show and
pleasure use when such vehicle is used and driven only during fair weather
on well-maintained hard-surfaced roads.
(2) Fenders or covers, as used in subsection (1) of this section, shall
be deemed to be of sufficient size and construction as to comply with those
requirements if constructed as follows:
(a) When measured on the cross sections of the tread of the wheel or on
the combined cross sections of the treads of multiple wheels, the fender
or cover extends at least to each side of the width of the tire or of the
combined width of the multiple tires, as the case may be;
(b) The fender or cover is constructed as to be capable at all times of
arresting and deflecting dirt, mud, water, or other substance as may be
picked up and carried by wheels;
3) Every head lamp upon every motor vehicle, including every motorcycle
and motor-driven cycle, shall be located at a height measured from the center
of the head lamp of not more than fifty-four (54) inches nor less than
twenty-four (24) inches to be measured as set forth in section 49-904(2),
Idaho Code.
The blazer is actually okay on this one I am 53" to the center of the headlight
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