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The Idaho State 4x4 Association is holding its Annual meeting in Twin Falls March 5th. It is open to all participating clubs and clubs that are interested in joining or checking it out.

***Idaho State 4x4 Association

The general meeting of the Idaho State 4x4 Association is to be held Saturday, March 5, 2005 at the KMVT Community Room (1100 Blue Lakes Blvd Twin Falls, Idaho 83301).

There will be a meet and greet at 5:30 with the general session to take place promptly at 6:00.

What should you bring?
- We would like to ask each club to bring at least one item to donate to
the Raffle. Tickets will be sold at the door for $1 or 6 for $5.
- Each club is to provide a listing of their current membership with officer titles and the appropriate registration fee ($10 for each membership).
Where to Stay?
Several of the area hotels are offering Group discounts. Below is a
listing with group rates.
AmeriTel Inn
1377 Blue Lakes Blvd North
Comfort Inn
1893 Canyon Springs Road
$62.99 *
Hampton Inn
1658 Fillmore Street North
$79(standard) $89(Study)$99(Hot Tub)*
Red Lion Hotel
1357 Blue Lakes Blvd. North

* Deluxe Breakfast included Indoor pool/spa, Guest laundry

Anderson Camp
I-84 exit 182
Full Amenities RV hook up
$23.33 for 2 people and $2 for each additional person

Where to play?
We will be going on a fun run Sunday morning across the canyon and would love everyone to bring their rigs and enjoy the scenic rim view while playing!! This area offers both EXTREME and mild wheeling.

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Well, I am heading down there with my truck on Saturday to hit the meeting, stay the night, and do some wheeling on Sunday.See ya all there!

My boy's 8th birthday is that weekend, and I asked him 2 weeks ago whether he wanted to have a birthday party and have all of his friends come over, or whether or not he wanted to go wheeling...his response cracked me up.... he said "dad, I don't want to have a birthday party this year, I want to go wheeling!" So I said, "you know boy, you'll be missing out on getting presents and stuff from your friends if you don't have a party" to which he replied, "I don't need a birthday at all this year, I can get presents next year, I just want to go to Twin to go wheeling...." Talk about bringing a tear to my eye!!!!!!

So, any of you here that are going, would ya help me sing Happy Birthday to my son before the run on Sunday, since he picked going wheeling with all of you over his Birthday???? I think I'll talk his mom into making some cupcakes to bring!

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That is too cool Lumpdog! Jeremy & I will be there. We too are heading down on Saturday. Maybe we could get together a caravan of those of us comming from the Treasure Valley to all head down together?? :mrgreen: Where are you planning on staying?

Also anyone else who is heading down & staying the night where are ya'll planning on staying? This ought to be a great weekend! :thumb:
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