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Idaho Press tribune article

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Here is the article :D
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well that was a great read, thanks :finger:

Honestly, came down and read that at the shop and Amber did a standup job. Thanks.
Not really, Could have been WAY, WAY better.. Was in a hurry originally when I wrote it.. I had ony 2 hours to do it..

Thx Everyone!!
Sweet! 8)

Awesome job Amber! :thumb:
That's pretty cool. Somebody send me a copy... :thumb:
What day was it printed?
Jan 1st:D
If you guys want copies, they charged my .50 cents per copy, I have 20 on the way, can order more, I have to throw at least 15 Promotion, pkgs. together for sponsorships, but will have 5 left after that..

You can cover my cost and I will get them to you..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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